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Nowadays, TV shows, cooking game shows or food advertising videos are always very attractive to a large audience. However, to get attractive footage has never been easy. Have you ever been curious about the secret behind any cooking game show or food advertising video?

Are there any difficulties when shooting a cooking game show or a food advertising video?

It is undeniable that food is the soul of life. Most people are attracted by the delicious and eye-catching dishes. And of course, it’s hard for us to ignore any cooking game show or appealing advertising video about food. 
And, you may not know, after collecting data from Youtube, a study by ThinkWithGoogle revealed that millennials (18 – 34 years old) love to watch videos about food. They can spend thousands of hours watching over and over again the mukbang ASMR (eating food scenes) or some cooking challenges on the Internet. Do you find yourself belonging to any of them?
In fact, it’s widely thought that making short clips or videos about food is very simple because they were just recording the moment the chef “handling” dishes. However, behind those food advertising videos there lies a lot of troubles, such as: 
– To produce a game showdown among chefs, the producer needs to prepare carefully a range of professional appliances. This is a very challenging stage, which also causes the organizers to prepare a variety of cooking spaces and spend more money on production. 
– In addition to kitchen appliances, supplying full of ingredients for the chef, which helps them create the most standard dishes on the show, will take the producer a long time to prepare. Moreover, some materials need to be ordered overseas at a very high cost, resulting in a long time waiting.
– And yet, in order to make the food advertising videos more professional, it’s crucial to have some cooking consultants to solve some professional issues related to Vietnamese and international cuisine. 
– Creating a unique and appealing script for a food advertising video has never been easy whereas every show is always made with the same process of “preparing ingredients – cooking – having fully made dish – enjoying the food – giving comments”. Thus, the question is how to make your video more special and become ‘the most beautiful flower’ in the garden?
– The stage of choosing stunts instead of celebrities is not simple as well.
– Moreover, the producer must make sure that the final dish is beautiful and attractive but still in a convincing way to make the game shows and video clips more appealing. 
There are still several difficulties behind the scenes that you do not know when filming a TV show, a game show or simply a food advertising video. Apparently, making those elaborate videos requires extremely careful investment and preparation that not everyone can do.
Instead of having to “go back and forth” like that, you totally have a way simpler solution.


What will Sugar Cuisine bring to you?

– Provide you with the organizer and the production of all related services, which helps you be able to create your own amazing game show or an excellent food advertising video.
 – Advise and edit the content, program script by our well-experienced experts in the F&B industry.
– Provide stunts for videos, movies, TVC.
– Provide a director of photography (D.O.P) to make every footage more attractive and eye-catching.
– The chef is the heart and soul of the F&B industry. With a network of professional chefs from more than 36 countries, it’s our pleasure to provide you with reputable chefs in the field at the best cost. These chefs are all talented, professional, full of knowledge and professional skills, who can cook many different cuisines such as Vietnamese, Western, etc. in order to help businesses increase their prestige and brand value.
If you are interested in any of those one-of-a-kind services above, please contact us immediately for advice and support!


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