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One of the most challenging issues in the F&B industry is personnel. Finding professional and well-experienced chefs is not easy and sometimes it is even a big challenge for many employers. Understanding the manpower challenges of start-up business chains, we opened up the ‘Manpower Supply service to solve the problems of recruiting and retaining employees. 

What will you get from the manpower supply service? 

Human resources (HR) have always been a constant problem in all industries, especially in the F&B industry – the field which has the highest turnover rate. It is obvious that when operating a kitchen in a restaurant or business establishments, you will need a lot of different groups of personnel such as:

  • Chef (Executive Chef)
  • Sous chef
  • Chef /Chef shift (Chef de Partie, Station chef, Line cook)
  • Other staff
  • Manager

Apparently, HR is the core value that will determine success for your restaurant or business services. However, finding good people is not easy at the moment.

It may sound like a big problem, isn’t it? To understand more about the benefits of the Manpower Supply service, we will give you some certain examples to help you imagine more easily! Now, in 30 seconds, together with us answer those question:

  • How to rate a good chef?
  • How to evaluate their qualifications, attitudes, and abilities?
  • What does a chef need to do and what qualities must he/she have?
A good chef must not only have a background in culinary knowledge as well as cooking skills but also must ensure the ability to work with other people in the kitchen. Moreover, a chef is also required to have an ability in allocating work, creativeness, willingness to learn, etc. And the chef is usually compared as a ‘sailor’ who would sail the kitchen to reach the big ocean of delicious food and be ‘glue’ to ‘stick’ everyone together in the kitchen. 
When you have good human resources, the restaurant will be operated more smoothly and have the opportunity to thrive faster. Furthermore, you will be able to reduce costs on restaurant operations, personnel training and minimize risks to your restaurant.
On the contrary, if the staff, especially the chefs, aren’t trained and have professional skills, the restaurant will face dozens of issues such as decreased food quality, low revenue and profit, customer loss, etc. 

What is special in the Manpower Supply service?

Nowadays, not everyone has enough expertise in the field of recruitment and personnel training to find true talent for their restaurant. As a result, people often start looking for Manpower Supply services to shorten the hiring and training process.

Coming to Sugar Cuisine, we are committed to:

  • Provide the right team for your kitchen, especially important positions such as chefs, senior general managers, etc. These people are all highly qualified, full of professional knowledge, excellent skills & workmanship, which will help you save time in training personnel.
  • Support to change personnel if not appropriate.
  • Consult about the management services, courses and provide suitable staff for your restaurant.

Human resources are the core value of the restaurant in particular and the F&B industry in general. 

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