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Restaurant business is one of the hottest start-up options these days. However, it is also one of the most challenging types to begin with.  The starting process of a restaurant can affect the success or failure of your business, requires not only dedication but also the businessperson’s capability of capturing the smallest details.

You know, the experience of opening a restaurant is not searchable on the Internet, but also requires stumbles, experience. Instead of letting yourself get caught up in those unwanted “losses”, Sugarcuisine has devised a “ Perfect Plan” to help you reach success the fastest.

Most customers have concerns about the choice of food, how it tastes, and whether it is suitable for customers? How to reduce initial investment costs or personnel recruitment issues…. But few people care about: “For a machine to work smoothly, the coordination between the departments, how to allocate work among the parts reasonably ” ??? How to stabilize the quality of food, the operation process be effective?

There will be over 1001 questions that need answers!

For the restaurant to go into operation and business, the workload isn’t just heavy but severe, can be temporarily called pile of work. Because it is necessary to go through a lot of stages such as: Market analysis, selection of business premises, menus etc If a restaurant does not have a setup stage, it will not find a transparent vision as well as. Any specific plan, or the work needs to be done. Besides, if you do not set up a restaurant, there maybe create many other costs,and will affect the outcome of the business.

The team with rich experience and well-trained from reputable corporations in F&B industry worldwide. SugarCuisine expert consultants will set up for you a “Perfect Plan” to “Optimize” the processes in management and operation.

Setup consultancy is not just about coming and teaching food or drinks and then leaving as you often think. Our consulting Services start by immersing in your culture, mission, and brand vision.

How much does the consultancy cost ??

By pioneering aspirations and sustainable development strategy, Sugarcuisine always tries to create products with more “Personalization”. With SC – Each project will be the “Unique” works and will be set up each different work path. Each client has different working time and job requirements. Therefore, for each project we will have different “quotes” base on the initial criteria when discussing with you.

F&B is one of the Hot industries with the most intense competition in the World. Therefore, our expert consultants and staff are constantly attending domestic and foreign training courses to offer the best and most suitable “products” for customers. Sugarcuisine works with 2 criteria:

  • Sensitivity: economy, politics, and social situations are important factors that significantly affect the F&B industry.
  • Therefore, Sugarcuisine team must be very sensitive to these factors and devise strategies from time to time to suit each business.