Dream Building Journey

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2003 - Graduated Hoa Sua School - Hanoi

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2003

2007 - Victoria Sapa Resort

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2007

2008 - Launched Cuisine Fanpage

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2008

After many years of experience, we recognized the vision and limited ability of the cuisine in particular and the F&B industry in general. More than anyone else, we think that: Cuisine in each region has its own unique identities, as well as the typical characteristic flavor that is the decisive foundation for the development of the culinary industry. And we decided to create a plan to go “throughout Vietnam” to understand the identities of each region in Vietnam, to learn more, and update their tastes.

2009 - Sofitel Saigon Plaza

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2009

2011 - Nikko Saigon Opening

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2011

2011 – Nikko Saigon opening – A great experience when we directly supported the chef in setting up and operating a 5-star international standard hotel in Vietnam.

2013 - Opening Maxx Royal Antalya – Resort Turkey

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2013

Năm 2013 - Opening Maxx Royal Antalya – Resort Turkey

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2013 2

In early 2013 – we accepted an invitation from Maxx Royal – Turkey Resort, one of the critical chefs in Opening Resort. We were fortunate to earn priceless  knowledge and experience about international standards which no books or schools can teach you !!!

November 2015 - G20 Summit

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2015

October 2017 - Organizing Committee of 5 Continents Food Festival

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2017

2017 - Morocco

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2017 2

Morocco / Africa: An unforgettable life experience when exposed to Mediterranean cuisine and the culture of Muslims. We were honored to participate in the opening of a Vietnamese restaurant in the beautiful Red City – Marrakech and also the ONLY Authentic Vietnam restaurant in Morocco in particular and Africa in general.

2018 - Aman Group - Amanoi Resort Vinh Hy - Vietnam

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2018

2018 – 2019: we came back to VN and accepted an invitation from Aman Group, collaborated at Amanoi Resort – Vinh Hy – Cam Ranh as Executive Sous Chef.

After that, the founder took the position as Executive Sous Chef of 8 restaurants at Lang Co Resort, Hue of Banyan Tree Group.

2019 - Banyan Tree Group Lăng Cô Resort - Huế

Hanh Trinh Sugar Cuisine 2019