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Design Corporation Identify Program

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In an enterprise, whether it is a newly established business or a long-time company, the Brand Identity Program- CIP  is a critical product to help customers recognize & remember the brand and its products. It is also a way of communication between customers and businesses, helps increasing sales productivity and demonstrates express effective professionalism.
In particular, in the F&B service industry, CIP seems to be part of the businesses’ “Backbone”. Your brand will become more appealing, catch customers’ interest, and make them want to know more about it. Convey the business message you want to aim for.
Besides, CIP helps to “protect” businesses more clearly. Ensuring customers’ trust in your business. Also, through that, people can know what you are trading? At the same time, attract investment and franchise.

Basic Requirements

Standard CIP requirements. Here are some basic requirements for it:

  • Logo: Use no more than 3 colors, simple images, easy to remember and easy to impress
  • Website: Website design should use interface color similar to the logo color which helps customers recognize and identify the brand more easily
  • Name Card set, poster, letterhead, folder: present clearly, synchronous, not too cumbersome, focus on details.
  • Slogan: It should be easy to understand and not too wordy, creating a memorable impression for customers.


Working procedure

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Thiet Ke Nhan Dien Thuong Hieu