Vision & Mission & Desire

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Providing a Total Solution to optimize the setup and operation process to help customers have a perfect “highly specialized” experience.
Building an ecosystem of sustainable products and services to support customers in the most pre-eminent way. Bringing the company up to be the leading professional service provider in the F & B field in the domestic market.


We are always looking for ways to develop more “Specialized” services to provide customers with the most diverse, creative, and profitable culinary experiences.
Working community & society:
People are the focus of the company’s sustainable development. We hope our presence will help employees lead a better and more fulfilling life.
Starting point is from the School for Young, disadvantaged adolescents – Hoa Sữa Hà Nội”. More than anyone, the Founder himself understands his responsibility to the community.
Business for social responsibility – we always comply with ethical values, respect


  • 2020 – Rise after Crisis, expand potential market.
  • 2021 – develop the domestic average and premium segment .
  • 2022 – become a prestigious vocational training unit, provide international-standard-chefs to the market.
  • 2023 – attend the European market – bring Vietnamese cuisine closer to International customers.
  • 2024 – increase charter capital.